Important Collective Agreement Timelines

MUNFA’s commitment to strengthening the academy rests on our work as advocates for our members, both collectively and individually.  We have recently faced obstacles because MUNFA members approached us for help only after a key deadline had passed.  If you have concerns or questions about employment-related issues, please contact us as soon as possible.

Many times, MUNFA staff and volunteers can help you resolve a problem without a formal procedure, but sometimes a complaint or grievance will be needed. In such cases, time is of the essence. The critical timelines – 20 days for a complaint; 25 days for a grievance – are specified in Article 20 (

Further useful information can be found here:

And the entire MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement – which sets out important provisions relating to academic freedom, workload, tenure & promotion, and intellectual property, among many others – is available at: