Information Session about Proposals for Collective Bargaining

We wish to thank members for comments and suggestions provided to our call for submissions to the Proposals Committee. The Committee has met several times and is incorporating the material received in its work on proposed revisions of the Collective Agreement. Members of the Proposals Committee include:

Basil Kavanagh, School of Human Kinetics & Recreation (Chair) ! Marian Atkinson, MUNFA Executive Officer (non-voting)
Ilka Bauer, Department of Environmental Science, SWGC
Gillian Byrne, Queen Elizabeth II Library

Sean Cadigan, Department of History
Andy Fisher, Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science
Gail Innes, School of Human Kinetics & Recreation
Matthew Janes, Department of French, SWGC
George Jenner, Department of Earth Sciences
Ross Klein, School of Social Work (MUNFA President/ex-officio) ! Maria Mathews, Faculty of Medicine
William Schipper, Department of English

Along with suggested revisions to the Collective Agreement, we received a number of responses suggesting it would be beneficial to have a membership meeting to describe the process leading up to and through negotiation of a new Collective Agreement. Such a meeting will provide an opportunity for dialogue among members and between members and the MUNFA Executive. We have therefore scheduled an Information Meeting for April 9th, 2009. The time and place are as follows:

Information Meeting for MUNFA Bargaining Unit Members April 9, 2009
3:00 – 5:00 PM
Room IIC-2001, INCO Lecture Theatre (St. John’s Campus) Room AS-375 (Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Campus)