List of Candidates for One Position on the MUNFA Executive Committee 2011-2012

As the result of the resignation of a recently elected member of the MUNFA Executive for 2011- 2012, one Member-at-Large position is currently vacant. There will be an election to fill this position.

The following is a list of candidates received for the position of Member-at-Large. A ballot form for the list of candidates plus envelopes and instructions for voting shall be mailed to each MUNFA member by June 28, 2011. The mail-in ballots must be received by the MUNFA office, St. John’s Campus, Room ER-4047, by 3:00 p.m. on July 13, 2011.

MEMBER – AT- LARGE (One to Be Elected)

! Stephen Butt, Professor, Engineering & Applied Science ! Cathryn Button, Professor, Psychology

Candidates were invited to submit a 150 word statement (see reverse side).

NOMINATING & BALLOTING COMMITTEE 2010-2011 Malcolm Grant, Psychology Angela Lonardo, Library

Hélène Paradis, Medicine Carolyn Walsh, Psychology


864-7667 864-3161 777-8556 864-4738


Stephen Butt, Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Memorial University is transitioning to a more research-intensive university with growing graduate student enrolments and dramatically increasing external research funding. For new faculty members, tenure and promotion are increasingly dependent on demonstrated success in securing external funding and graduating HQP. The University administration is evolving to handle this increased research activity, however, from the perspective of many faculty members, difficulties still exist for applying for and conducting research (such as lack of mentorship, open ended time frames for research agreement development, low priority for space and resource allocation requests, human resources, purchasing, etc….) with seemingly zero accountability. These issues, coupled with the normal risks of applying for competitive research funds, can leave many faculty members frustrated with very real career implications, and with no obvious institutional support. Advocacy on matters of research is an area that I will promote as a member of the MUNFA Executive.