Million Dollar Cheque from CAUT

October 30, 2000

Noel Roy, President of Memorial University Faculty Association, welcomed the arrival of a cheque in the amount of one million dollars from the Canadian Association of University Teachers Defence Fund in anticipation of tomorrow’s strike of faculty and librarians. The cheque will be presented by Professor Denise Nevo, Chair of the CAUT Defence Fund.

Roy explained that the cheque represented a line of credit provided by the CAUT Defence Fund.

This line of credit was in addition to strike benefits provided by MUNFA and the CAUT Defence Fund to all Academic Staff Members who will be on strike. Roy said that the CAUT Defence Fund will also provide MUNFA with an interest free loan to cover all insured benefits for the duration of the anticipated strike.

“The CAUT Defence Fund,” Roy noted, “has eleven million dollars to ensure that striking faculty do not experience financial hardship while on legal strike.”

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