New Collective Agreement Now in Effect

The MUNFA Executive is happy to report that as of March 17, 2023, both MUNFA and the MUN administration have signed the new Collective Agreement (CA) and as such it is now in effect. MUNFA staff are in the process of updating our website to reflect the changed language and renumbering in the new CA, and the Office of Faculty Relations has contacted printing services to coordinate distribution of physical copies to all MUNFA members.

Many members have inquired about when you will receive salary and overload teaching stipend increases retroactive to September 1, 2022, as well as the signing bonus for contract faculty. Based on communications with the administration, it is expected that members will receive these payments in May. We have asked the administration to provide further details on this process directly to members.

In addition, as per the back to work protocol, the administration agreed to authorize past pension service purchases for the period of the strike whereby ASMs pay the employee share of pension premiums matched by the university paying the employer share of pension premiums. We have requested that the administration communicate further details on this matter directly to members.

As a result of the new CA, two committees will be struck on which MUNFA members will sit: one which will investigate the development of a permanent teaching stream for faculty, and the other which will review collegial governance at the university. More information regarding participation on these committees will be sent out to members shortly.

Also as a result of the new CA, the window for reviewing course equivalencies is now open. Please click here to see the relevant Information Bulletin for more information.