Professional Development & Travel Expense Reimbursement [PDTER]

Clauses 31.53 – 31.62 of the Collective Agreement outline the parameters of the PDTER Fund for MUNFA Bargaining Unit Members. The PDTER is $1600 per year for expenses incurred in any one (1) fiscal year.

The University shall provide Professional Development and Travel Expense Reimbursement (PDTER) for each regular term appointment, tenure track or tenured ASM and *probationary or permanent Coordinator who is employed as of April 1 at this University.

Please note that the fiscal year is April 1st – March 31st and that receipts for claims must be dated within the same fiscal year as the claim is filed; receipts cannot be carried over and reimbursed in future years. Instead, unused funds can be carried over into the next fiscal year. ASMs are therefore encouraged to delay large purchases until their PDTER balance (an entitlement of up to $4800 can be accumulated) will cover the entire cost of their professional development purchase. Reimbursement for non-travel related expenses can be requested twice in a fiscal year (Clause 31.57).

Requests for travel-related expense reimbursements must be in accordance with the Travel Guidelines- General TI and be submitted within ten (10) working days of trip completion. ASMs are advised that if your travel spans two fiscal years (eg. March/April), resulting in receipts from two separate fiscal years, that you contact the Comptroller’s Office prior to travelling regarding procedures to facilitate the use of the PDTER for this travel and acceptance of receipts for that particular claim.

There is also a Professional Development and Travel Fund for Teaching Term Appointments (see Clauses 31.63-31.65) whose letter of appointment states that the appointment is for twelve (12) months or longer, in the amount of $800.