Protecting Academic Staff Intellectual Property Rights – Teaching Materials

TO: All MUNFA Members

FROM: The MUNFA Executive Committee

DATE: March 8th, 2024

SUBJECT: Protecting Academic Staff Intellectual Property Rights – Teaching Materials

The MUNFA Executive would like to highlight Article 27 of the MUN-MUNFA Agreement regarding the current Intellectual Property Rights afforded to MUNFA members. In particular, the MUNFA Executive would like to remind ASMs that Intellectual Property rights apply to research and scholarship, as well as teaching materials (such as course material, course outlines, etc).

To protect course and teaching materials, the MUNFA Executive encourages ASMs to include statements on disseminated items reminding users that the material is academic property.

ASMs may choose to include language in their syllabi, course content, and/or Brightspace shells related to Intellectual Property Rights. Below is some sample language that ASMs may feel free to use in their teaching materials as they see fit.

“My lectures and course materials, including PowerPoint presentations, tests, outlines, and similar materials, are protected by copyright. I am the exclusive owner of the copyright in those materials I create. You may take notes and make copies of course materials for your own use. You may not yourself or allow others to reproduce or distribute lecture notes and course materials publicly or for a fee without my express written consent. Similarly, you own copyright in your original work. If I am interested in posting your work on the course website or elsewhere, I will ask for your written permission.”

Copyright [YOUR NAME]. Do not share on learning and file sharing sites (e.g. Chegg, Course Hero).

As further resources, the MUNFA Executive is sharing a  Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Policy entitled “Protecting Contract Academic Staff Intellectual Property Rights” and this blog post from CITL for the information of MUNFA members.

Academic Staff Members with concerns regarding Intellectual Property Rights are encouraged to contact the MUNFA Office at