Queen’s College Renovations and its Consequences

The MUNFA Executive would like to advise members that as part of a settlement to an Association Grievance on the handling of health and safety issues during the renovation of Queen’s College during 2012/13, the administration has agreed to post an external report on this matter. This construction/renovation resulted in numerous problems and threats to the health and safety of faculty, staff and students located in the building.

The Report, entitled 3rd Party Lessons Learned Study – Queen’s College Renovation Project, may be found at MUN’s Environmental and Health website:


We urge all interested members to familiarise themselves with this document so they can ensure that new construction/renovation adheres to the recommendations contained in the Report.

MUNFA members should also be aware that they should, in the first instance, forward any health and safety concern they have to their Building Health and Safety Committee. There are provincial regulations mandating that the membership composition and minutes of Building Health & Safety Committees be posted.

There is also a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) mandated by the Collective Agreement. Our representatives on that committee are given below along with their email addresses. If you need help on a health and safety issue or are unsure of whom to contact, please let them know.

Your MUNFA representatives are:

● Stephan Curtis, History – stephanc@mun.ca
● Alan Hall, Sociology – alanh@mun.ca
● Stacey Penney, QE II Library – staceya@mun.ca