Remote Working Demands and Impacts

Since March 2020, ASMs have shown tremendous resolve and adaptability in the shift to remote teaching and delivery of other duties and responsibilities.

Over the past months, we have heard from ASMs who have noted health related and other impacts from the continued remote teaching and working conditions. We encourage ASMs to ensure they discuss and document any health related concerns, issues, and impacts with their medical doctors and to get medical advice as required. We also remind ASMs of the University’s workplace accommodation policy.

MUNFA also recognizes that while accommodations are vital to meet unexpected challenges faced by individual ASMs, for some issues, the best solution would be a collective one that forestalls the need for an accommodation in the first place. In some cases, that means the implementation of universal design principles; in others, the creation of universal programs to meet shared social needs. We remain committed to working inside and beyond Memorial University for such solutions, which would not only enhance our workplace for our own members but also serve the common good.

ASMs with questions related to workplace accommodations can also contact the MUNFA Office,, for advice.