Resolution of Association Grievance A-12-07 (Article 9)

When an Academic Staff Member (ASM) is in receipt of a negative recommendation on promotion or tenure, it had been the past practice of MUNFA to suggest that the ASM write an informal letter of appeal, based on such a recommendation, to successive levels of the university administration as the recommendation makes its way to the President, and the May 1 deadline for his/her final decision. However, in 2012, MUN indicated to MUNFA that it would no longer consider such letters of appeal, and would cease including them in an ASM’s promotion or tenure file, declaring to do so would be a violation of Clause 9.11 of the Collective Agreement. MUNFA then filed an Association (policy) Grievance, A-12-07.

In December, 2015, MUNFA and MUN agreed to a resolution to A-12-07; that resolution is a formal variance to Clauses 9.06 and 9.11 of the 2014 – 2017 MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement. In other words, the Parties have agreed that there shall be new wording to those two Clauses, and that new wording is sufficient to resolve the Grievance and that all ASMs now retain the right for an informal appeal. The Variance, and new wording to the two Clauses, is attached for your information.

If you have further questions on the matter, please contact the MUNFA Office (ext. 8642 or email: