Revised Protocol for Exams at the Blundon Centre

Throughout the Spring 2018 semester, Academic Staff Members have been contacting MUNFA with concerns regarding new protocol for exams being invigilated at the Blundon Centre, as outlined here:

The two main changes to the existing process, as outlined by Dr. Massey, Director of Student Life are that:

  1. the Blundon Centre requires both an electronic copy and a hard copy of the complete exam package for each student; and that
  2. these exam packages must be delivered to the Blundon Centre at least three (3) business days prior to the test/exam.

Members of the MUNFA Executive Committee met with Dr. Massey and staff of the Blundon Centre to raise concerns regarding the pedagogical implications of such changes and the unnecessary increase in paperwork required of ASMs to fulfill them.

MUNFA has also written to President Gary Kachanoski, asking that the new protocols be placed on the agenda for discussion at Senate. We believe these accommodations are an academic matter of central interest to University faculty and students and that, as such, they merit Senate’s consideration.

While Dr. Massey did not commit to any changes based on our discussion, she did advise us that ASMs with concerns or suggestions relating to the new process should direct their feedback to Please copy, to keep your Faculty Association informed.

Finally, we would like to draw ASMs’ attention to Clauses 26.27-26.29 of the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement. These Clauses set out the obligations of ASMs to accommodate students with disabilities; outline the responsibilities of the University to provide the necessary supports for such accommodations; and provide for adjustment of ASMs’ workload, where such is merited by extra effort involved in accommodating students with disabilities.