Second Call for MUNFA Committee Volunteers 2021-2022

The MUNFA Executive is still seeking volunteers for committees for the 2021-2022 academic year. If you are interested in serving on any committee(s) listed below, please check the appropriate line(s). You may also suggest the names of other interested members. All nominees and volunteers will be contacted.

We especially encourage members of equity-seeking groups to volunteer, as well as members from all campuses, representing a range of Faculties and Schools, including both tenure-stream and contractual Academic Staff Members (ASMs). Please note that as per Clause 1.20 of the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement, “An ASM’s service to the Association shall be deemed academic service as set out in the appropriate articles in this Collective Agreement.

The completed form can be returned to the MUNFA Office, Room ER4047, or

MUNFA Standing Committees:

_____ Economic Benefits Committee (2-year appointment)

_____ Legal Support Fund Investment Advisory Committee

_____ Scholarships Committee

Joint University/Association Committees:

_____ Joint Equity Committee (1 vacancy)

_____ St. John’s Campus Sexual Harassment Board (1 male ASM to be appointed)

MUNFA Working Groups:

_____ MUNFA Decarbonization Working Group

_____ MUNFA Governance Working Group

Name: _________________________________ Signature: ______________________________

Phone: _________________________________


Department: ____________________________