Seeking Volunteers – Committee to Review Collegial Governance

As part of the recently negotiated MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement, the administration provided a Letter of Understanding to MUNFA to confirm that within sixty (60) days of signing of the Collective Agreement, a committee willl be formed to review collegial governance within the university.

The committee will be comprised of two (2) representatives from the Board of Regents, one (1) ASM and two (2) academic administrators appointed from Senate, two (2) ASMs appointed by MUNFA, and two (2) student representatives appointed in consultation with MUNSU, GSU, GCSU, and MISU. The committee shall appoint its own chair.

The committee will develop its own procedures, which will include broad consultation, and it will review Memorial’s bicameral system of collegial governance — including the Collective Agreement, university policy and procedures — and produce a public report delivered to the Board of Regents and Senate within twenty-four (24) months of its appointment.

The MUNFA Executive is currently seeking expressions of interest from members for the two (2) ASM representatives appointed by MUNFA. If interested, please send no more than 3 paragraphs to explaining what experience/knowledge you possess that would be of benefit to the committee’s work. Deadline for expressions of interest is April 28, 2023.