Steps to Returning to Work and Ratifying a New Collective Agreement

As MUNFA members know, your Negotiating Committee reached a tentative Collective Agreement with the university administration on February 10, 2023. This agreement must be ratified by the membership and by the university’s Board of Regents before it can come into effect.

Before members return to work, a Back-to-Work Protocol must be negotiated between the MUN administration and MUNFA; the two parties will meet on Sunday, Feb. 12 to discuss this document, including dates for the resumption of work. Members should be prepared to return to work on short notice.

Pickets, including virtual pickets, and all strike duties for members are suspended; you do not need to complete your picket or other strike shifts starting on Monday, Feb. 13.

The remaining steps in the process leading to a ratification vote are as follows:

• The MUNFA Negotiating Committee will review all negotiated articles to ensure that the tentative agreement matches what was agreed in bargaining. This document and a summary of agreed changes will be circulated to members for consideration.

• MUNFA will hold a Special General Meeting to allow for discussion of the proposed new Collective Agreement.

• MUNFA will hold a vote by secret ballot of all bargaining unit members to ratify the tentative Collective Agreement. A minimum of six (6) hours shall be allowed for voting. More details about this vote will be communicated to members soon.

Information about the date of the Special General Meeting and the ratification vote will be sent to members in the coming days.