Student Walkout on January 31, 2022

As an addendum to MUNFA’s most recent Information Bulletin please find further details below on how individual Academic Staff Members (ASMs) can support students’ participation in the planned Walkout on January 31, 2022.

We understand many ASMs have received, and continue to receive, correspondence from students who will be participating in Monday’s Walkout. MUNFA encourages ASMs to provide academic leniency to these students and, where appropriate, to amplify their concerns to your administrative head and senior administration – President Vianne Timmons (, Provost Florentine Strzelczyk (, Chief Risk Officer Greg McDougall (, and Faculty Relations (

Additionally, ASMs may wish to modify, or add, an automated response to their email expressing support with students and requesting patience from instructors. Here is some possible language to include:

Thank you for your email. I understand many students will be participating in a Walkout on Monday, January 31, 2022, and while I work to respond to individual student queries, I wish to express my support for students during this incredibly challenging time. Instructors are doing the best we can with the information and resources provided by the university administration, but we stand with students in the fight for a healthy and safe return to campus where no one is left behind. #SafeMUN4Everyone

We recognize that this week has been challenging for many of our members. Please keep us informed about any issues that arise as you return to in-person teaching

While we await a response from senior administration to our most recent correspondence regarding outstanding questions/concerns, we suggest that ASMs discuss any health-related concerns with their doctor and seek medical advice/documentation as required. We also remind ASMs of the University’s workplace accommodation policy. If you encounter challenges with this process, please contact our office,