Teaching Evaluations and P&T Processes

TO: All MUNFA Members

FROM: The MUNFA Executive Committee

DATE: June 22, 2023

SUBJECT: Teaching Evaluations and P&T Processes

MUNFA recently received a memo from Charlene Walsh, Chair of the Senate Committee on Course Evaluation, with the information that a new course evaluation (called “Course Experience Questionnaire” [CEQ]) is to be administered online through an online enterprise “solution” called “Blue by Explorance.” The intention is to begin using this new version of the CEQ in the Spring term, between July 24 and August 6, 2023.

The MUNFA Executive would like to remind and inform members of the following:

  1. It is NOT mandatory to include “teaching evaluations” in assessment files, but voluntary (as per Clause 1.46 of the Collective Agreement). The Senate committee (chaired by Walsh) has developed a new form of “teaching evaluation” and the inclusion of these evaluations in assessment files will also be voluntary.
  2. The Committee has not consulted MUNFA on this development as one of the key stakeholders and the Collective Agreement remains clear that including the results of the new teaching evaluations is entirely voluntary.
  3. When constructing their assessment files, members are encouraged to use the advice given in the CAUT Teaching Dossier (Appendix B of the Collective Agreement).
  4. More information on the development of the new CEQ system can be found here.