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Vacancies on the MUNFA Academic Freedom and Grievance Committee

MUNFA is seeking expressions of interest for volunteers to serve on the MUNFA Academic Freedom and Grievance Committee. Appointments, as approved by the Executive Committee, are for a three (3) year term and will take effect on October 1, 2019.

The AF&G Committee has four functions:

Under its terms of reference the AF&G Committee shall consist of eight or more persons from the St. John’s campus, appointed by the Executive to staggered, three-year terms, except for one Executive representative who is appointed for one year. There is a separate but linked committee at Grenfell Campus. Current members of the St. John’s Campus Committee and the expiration dates of their terms are as follows:

Stephen Butt (Co-Chair) Engineering October 1, 2019
Kurt Korneski (Co-Chair) History October 1, 2019
Steve Carr Biology October 1, 2020
Jon Church (Executive Representative) Medicine October 1, 2020
Erika Merschrod Chemistry October 1, 2021
Nicole Power Sociology October 1, 2021

Tenured MUNFA members on the St. John’s campus who are interested in serving on this committee should sign and return this form [1] to the MUNFA Office, Room ER-4047 (Alexander Murray Building). Any member may suggest another person for this committee. Please return this form by¬†September 27, 2019