Evolving Impacts from Grenfell IT Security Breach for All Campuses

President’s Update


January 5th, 2024


Evolving Impacts from Grenfell IT Security Breach for All Campuses

As the IT security breach situation at Grenfell Campus continues to evolve, the MUNFA Executive is asking our Grenfell Campus members to document in writing any complications to their ability to undertake job responsibilities due to this IT security breach. This includes loss of access to research work, inability to prepare adequately for classes, etc. This information can be sent to munfa@mun.ca.

MUNFA is continuing to work to gather contact information for MUNFA’s Grenfell members as grenfell.mun.ca emails continue to be inaccessible. This has included referring to a list of personal emails acquired in the leadup to last year’s strike action, attempting to contact mun.ca emails, and colleagues sharing resources between themselves. The Senior Administration has not provided alternative measures for MUNFA to contact our membership nor have they provided avenues for members to contact Grenfell’s Administration directly.

We are asking that folks please share MUNFA’s communications with Grenfell colleagues that they have a means of contacting. For those who may have missed prior MUNFA communications on this topic, you can find them here and here.

For those teaching online and/or remote courses from all campuses:

MUNFA has received notice from the Grenfell Campus Students’ Union (GCSU) that many students do not have access to their grenfell.mun.ca emails, internet access, or any on-campus technology to access their courses due to the IT Security Breach.

As online courses have continued to go ahead as scheduled, there may be Grenfell students registered for online or remote courses taught by ASMs on other campuses. These students may have difficulties participating in their courses due to these complications.

Josh Lepawsky

Professor of Geography and MUNFA President