Collective Agreement 2023-2026

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  • Appendix A1 Labour Relations Board Order – Faculty Members and Librarians
  • Appendix A.2 Labour Relations Board Order – Cooperative Education Coordinators
  • Appendix B CAUT Teaching Dossier
  • Appendix C University-Wide Procedures for Sexual Harassment
  • Appendix D.1 Salary Scale for Lecturers
  • Appendix D.2 Salary Scale for Faculty Member Ranks
  • Appendix D.3 Salary Scale for Librarians
  • Appendix D.4 Salary Scale for Academic Staff Members in Cooperative or Field Education
  • Appendix E Academic Unit Teaching Norms (see Clause 3.09)
  • Appendix F Protocol in Connection with Clause 25.32
  • Appendix G Disciplines Constituting each Program Unit at Grenfell Campus
  • Appendix H Letter – Professional Association Membership
  • Appendix I Strikes and Lockouts Protocol
  • Appendix J Memorandum of Understanding – Permanent Teaching Stream
  • Appendix K Letter of Understanding – Collegial Governance
  • Appendix L Letter of Understanding – Electric Car Charging Stations