Current Negotiations

Negotiating News #12 — Members Ratify Tentative Agreement

President’s Update, Feb. 13: Back-to-Work Protocol Signed, Classes to Resume Wednesday

MUNFA President’s Update Feb. 9: Talks Continue; Rally, Social Planned for Friday

President’s Update Feb. 10: MUNFA Prepares to Welcome Flying Pickets, Hold Rally

President’s Update, Feb. 8: Parties to Continue Talking on Thursday

President’s Update, Feb. 8: Winning Improvements for Precarious Workers

President’s Update, Feb. 7: Negotiating Talks to Continue Wednesday

President’s Update Feb. 7

President’s Message: Resumption of Talks

President’s Update on Strike, Feb. 6

President’s Strike Update for Members

President’s Message: Administration Planning for a Long Strike Rather Than Negotiations

Strike FAQ

Negotiating News #11 — Administration won’t make a fair deal without a push

Negotiating News #10 — Management proposes 6-year contract with limited salary increases, 2-tier benefit scheme

Students and supporters: Take action to help instructors get a deal

Negotiating News #9 — Only a few issues remain; employer seems unwilling to negotiate

Upcoming conciliation meetings

Students’ questions, answered

Bargaining — Frequently Asked Questions

Negotiating News #8 — MUNFA tries to make headway at conciliation

Conciliation update meeting

Negotiating News #7

Negotiating News #6

Negotiating News #5