Grenfell Cyber-Attack and Upcoming “IT Outage”

TO:                  All MUNFA Members

FROM:            The MUNFA Executive Committee

DATE:             May 16th, 2024

SUBJECT:      Grenfell Cyber-Attack and Upcoming “IT Outage”

The MUNFA Executive continues to hear significant concerns from members on the Grenfell campus in the wake of December’s cyber-attack. The impacts on ASMs’ teaching, research/scholarship, and service work continues. To further complicate and exacerbate the crisis, ASMs on that campus are now facing an “IT outage” planned for June 15-30. ASMs have been provided with unclear information on the ‘outage’ and what is entails, which is just one short month away.

As such, the MUNFA Executive has written to the University administration and has asked for a response on the acute concerns identified to date. A .pdf of the letter as sent can be found here. This letter also reminds the University administration that is has yet to respond to our MOU of April 5, 2024 which proposed reasonable steps to support ASMs who have been working tirelessly since the cyber-attack occurred.

MUNFA will continue to keep the membership updated on this matter.

Any concerns or comments can be sent to