Labour Implications from Grenfell IT Security Breach



January 4th, 2024


Labour Implications from Grenfell IT Security Breach


As a result of the IT Security Breach at Memorial’s Grenfell Campus, MUNFA’s Grenfell members are being asked to work without access to necessary resources. Following the announcement of the IT Security Breach, Grenfell Academic Staff Members (ASMs) have lost access to their primary emails, on-campus internet access including printing services and lab computers, and Grenfell’s P-drive system, a shared network drive members have been encouraged to upload working materials to, including but not limited to syllabi, lectures, and research work. ASMs have also been instructed to return devices that may have been impacted, such as Grenfell-issued desktops and laptops including devices purchased through research or PDTER funds. 

Rachel Jekanowski, the Grenfell Campus Representative on MUNFA’s Executive Committee, says “This is putting Grenfell’s faculty, students, and staff in an untenable position that is having very real and serious impacts on all members of the Grenfell community.” 

The adjusted semester start date of January 8th, is an unrealistic timeline to revamp course delivery in the absence of the necessary IT infrastructure for that work. ASMs have been left with two days to rearrange their entire semester without access to necessary working materials. 

On behalf of the MUNFA Executive, MUNFA President Josh Lepawsky has written to the VP of Grenfell Campus, Ian Sutherland, requesting a further delay to the start of the semester. Lepawsky further states, “It is unacceptable for MUNFA’s Grenfell members to be expected to work without the necessary resources to do so. ASMs need clarity on when they can reasonably expect to have access to the IT equipment they require for their teaching and research.” 

The lack of communication, transparency, and accountability from Memorial’s Senior Administration on this has been unacceptable. MUNFA is calling for a further delay to the January 8th start date for the semester, full transparency on what has been breached as a result of the cybersecurity attack, and true accountability to faculty, staff, and students when resolving these issues.


The MUN Faculty Association is the certified bargaining agent for more than 800 academic staff members at Memorial University.

For more information, contact:

Isabel Ojeda, Organizing, Membership Engagement & Communications Coordinator