Meetings between Search Candidates and MUNFA

MUNFA has consistently encouraged Search Committees to have interviewees for Academic Staff Member (ASM) positions meet with MUNFA during their interview. These meetings provide an overview of the Collective Agreement and answer questions about placement on the salary scale and various benefits. It is also an effective means for new ASMs to learn about the Faculty Association, the Collective Agreement and the resources provided by MUNFA.

We encourage Search Committees to schedule a meeting with a MUNFA representative in the interview process. We cannot rely upon the administration to encourage such meetings even though meetings between candidates and Faculty Relations are often arranged by administration during the interview process.

We therefore request that Search Committee members communicate with the MUNFA Office to arrange such a meeting during candidates’ visits. The meetings would take place in the MUNFA Offices or via teleconference for Grenfell Campus and would in most cases be with Kelly Hickey, the MUNFA Executive Officer. Please contact the MUNFA office ext 8642 or email: to arrange a meeting time.