MUNFA Grievances and Arbitrations

TO:                  All MUNFA Members

FROM:            The MUNFA Executive Committee

DATE:             May 29, 2024

SUBJECT:      Grievances and Arbitrations

As the certified bargaining unit for Academic Staff Members (ASMs) at Memorial University, MUNFA has an obligation to protect and defend ASMs’ Collective Agreement rights. When there is an alleged breach of the Collective Agreement, MUNFA can file individual or group grievances (on behalf of ASM(s)) or Association Grievances (on behalf of the MUNFA Executive).

MUNFA currently has ninety (90) grievances filed and at various stages of the grievance and arbitration process as outlined in Article 19 of the Collective Agreement.

The MUNFA Executive notes that it can take months and sometimes years for grievances to work their way through the process laid out in Article 19. It often takes months or longer to get the University administration to offer dates for grievance resolution meetings. MUNFA works hard to schedule meetings and push the University on their delays. We believe that responsibility for the delays rests solely with the administration, and we assure ASMs that MUNFA will do everything within its power to move grievances forward.  MUNFA will not accept delays as a premise for dropping grievances. Members should not hesitate to approach MUNFA with potential grievances because of possible delays in the process

MUNFA has recently proposed to the University that the Parties come together for a full day of discussions to work through outstanding grievances. Updates will be provided to the membership as they become available.

The MUNFA Executive appreciates the patience of ASMs with current active grievances. ASMs with questions or concerns are asked contact