Proposals & Negotiations – Notice of Information Meeting

In early July 2013, MUNFA advised the administration that we wanted to open negotiations for a new Collective Agreement, as per Clause 1.40 of the Collective Agreement. In anticipation of this, the MUNFA Executive appointed a Proposals Committee which began work in the fall of 2012 and completed its task in June. The Proposals Committee suggested changes to 27 of the 31 existing Articles, and drafted an entirely new Article (19u), “Harassment & Discrimination.” These were sent via internal mail (Please note that draft changes regarding salaries in Article 31, Salaries and Benefits, are not included. As in the past rounds of collective bargaining however, MUNFA will seek fair, reasonable and equitable improvements in both Academic Staff Member salaries and benefits.). Following consultation with the membership, the MUNFA Executive Committee will review the proposals and approve those to be negotiated with the administration.

It is unclear when the current round of collective bargaining will begin. This will be decided following an initial meeting with the administration to be held before October 1, 2013. Nevertheless, the parties have exchanged lists of Negotiating Committee members.

The MUNFA Executive has scheduled an Information Meeting for all MUNFA Bargaining Unit Members for:


MUNFA members at Grenfell Campus will participate via teleconference. The Grenfell Campus meeting will be held in Room AS378.

The meeting will be used to present the proposals to the membership and to provide an update on the collective bargaining process.

The MUNFA Negotiating Committee for the current round of collective bargaining includes:

! Barrie Barrell, Education
! Stephen Butt, Engineering
! Jon Church – Medicine
! Danial Duda, Library
! Basil Kavanagh – Human Kinetics and Recreation ! Leroy Murphy – Cooperative Education, Business ! Paul Wilson – Grenfell Campus

The Negotiating Committee will recommend a Chief Negotiator to the MUNFA Executive Committee.