Proposed Changes to the Executive Terms of Reference

During the General Meeting on April 18, 2017, MUNFA informed attendees that it is considering changes to the Executive Committee membership and terms and is encouraging all members to provide input on this matter.

These proposed changes are being brought forward because the academic environment has become increasingly complex and the workload of the Executive Committee has increased. The proposed changes will allow for a clearer delineation of roles among members, particularly in relation to the Administrative Sub-committee and to communication and liaison roles that are currently ill-defined. Our hope is that these changes will allow more adequate time for the great learning curve that is experienced by new Executive Committee members; ensure a measure of continuity and Executive Committee memory; and support Executive Committee succession planning. We welcome all feedback including suggestions for further changes to be considered by the entire membership.

The following links detail proposed changes to the Terms of Reference to the Executive that are up for consideration. Changes for consideration are not limited to the content of these documents.

Please review at your convenience. Members will be notified when an interactive feedback forum for this discussion topic becomes available online. In the interim, if you wish to provide immediate feedback, you can send your thoughts to