Reminder : Call for Nominations for CAUT Sarah Shorten Award

CAUT is soliciting nominations for the Sarah Shorten Award. The award was established in 1990 in honour of Sarah Shorten, who served as Vice-President (1982–83) and two terms as President of CAUT (1983–84 & 1984–85), to recognize outstanding achievements in the promotion of the advancement of women in Canadian universities and colleges.


  • Candidates need not be a member of the academic community but the results of their contribution(s) must have benefitted women in post-secondary education;
  • Candidates’ contribution(s) may have benefitted any or all groups of women (faculty, students, staff) in the post-secondary community;
  • The form of the candidates’ achievement(s) may include but are not limited to the following:  organizational leadership, policy implementation, legislation, publication, educational initiatives, or distinguished service;
  • The outstanding quality of the contribution may derive from the result of a single project or activity, or in the accumulation of efforts through consistent involvement over a long period of time in supporting the advancement of women in the post-secondary community; and
  • Candidates’ contributions to the advancement of women in the post-secondary community may have been focused locally, provincially, regionally, or nationally, or a combination of these.

Nominations for the award may be submitted by academic staff associations, status of women committees, or any other interested parties. The deadline for nominations is June 1, 2018. The nomination form and procedures are available on the CAUT website. Nominations will be reviewed by CAUT’s Equity Committee and recommendations will be forwarded to CAUT Council. The number and frequency of awards will be as the Committee and CAUT Council deem appropriate.