Right to Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Protest on Campus

TO: All MUNFA Membe

FROM: The MUNFA Executive Committee

DATE: May 16th, 2024

SUBJECT: Right to Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Protest on Campus

MUNFA’s Collective Agreement enshrines academic freedom, the defence of which includes, “an obligation on all members of the University community”. Moreover, academic freedom, “does not require neutrality on the part of the individual, nor does it preclude commitment. Rather it makes commitment possible.” See Article 2.02.

Criticizing the State of Israel is not equivalent to anti-semitism. MUNFA supports non-violent protests, including those that criticize the State of Israel.

MUNFA stands with our CAUT colleagues and “defends the right to free expression and assembly on university and college campuses and condemns those institutions that have or are threatening to have police forcibly remove and arrest peaceful protesters.”

Non-violent protests, including those that inhabit physical space on campus, are forms of academic freedom. MUNFA defends academic freedom and supports non-violent protests.

The MUNFA Executive further points to several statements that have been released by the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), of which MUNFA is a member: