Joint #26 Article 32



November 11, 2000
Joint #26

32.01 Within ninety (90) days of the signing of this Collective Agreement, the Parties shall present Mr. Martin Teplitsky with proposed Collective Agreement clauses concerning Cooperative Education Coordinators. After receiving the proposed clauses, Mr. Teplitsky will hold hearings with oral arguments before issuing a final determination of clauses to be incorporated into this Collective Agreement. This arbitration shall not be a “final offer selection” arbitration.

32.02 The salary decision for this binding arbitration procedure shall come into force with the effective date of this Collective Agreement.

32.03 If Mr. Teplitsky is unable to perform this function, the Parties shall attempt to agree on an arbitrator drawn from the list in Clause 20.10. If no agreement is possible, an arbitrator shall be drawn by lot from among those listed in Clause 20.10.

32.04 The clauses resulting from this arbitration shall be incorporated into this Collective Agreement.

32.05 Until the arbitration decision is effected, working conditions and salaries effective July 26, 2000 shall continue in force.

32.06 In the event that the University legally challenges the July 26, 2000 Newfoundland Labour Relations Board order placing the Cooperative Education Coordinators in the Association’s bargaining unit, the ninety (90) day period specified in Clause 32.01 shall begin after the completion of all legal appeals. In the event that, when all legal appeals are completed, the Cooperative Education Coordinators are ruled to be excluded from the Association’s bargaining unit, the process described in Clauses 32.01 to 32.04 shall not take place.
W. E. Schrank

J. E. Strawbridge