Strike Vote to Authorize the MUNFA Executive to Undertake Job Action if Necessary

The MUNFA Executive Committee has directed the Nominating and Balloting Committee to conduct a strike vote by secret electronic ballot. A successful strike vote will authorize the Executive Committee to undertake job action if it is necessary (MUNFA Constitution, Article XIII).

Electronic voting will take place on January 18, 2023 from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Newfoundland Time (UTC−03:30). Bargaining unit members will not be able to vote before or after the designated voting period.

Bargaining unit members will receive a voting login link as well as login information via their MUN email account at the start of the election (8:00 am NST). Technical support from MUNFA will be available throughout the voting period by calling (709) 864-4090.

We will be using the Simply Voting service to conduct the election. This service, used by many Canadian faculty associations, is designed to minimize the risk of electoral fraud. Simply Voting data are held in Canada; primary servers are located in Kelowna, BC, and back-up servers are located in Mississauga, ON. Simply Voting is committed to accessibility. Their voting interface is regularly audited by the Bureau of Internet Accessibility against Section 508 and WCAG-2 accessibility requirements in order to ensure compatibility with screen-reading technology.

Please call the MUNFA office at (709) 864-8642 prior to January 18th if you have questions regarding voting. A Strike Vote FAQ is available here:

It is your democratic right to vote on this most important issue! Please exercise it!