PDTER and Office Equipment

Recently, MUNFA received complaints from Academic Staff Members (ASMs) in a variety of Academic Units (AUs), that the university administration was refusing to replace ASMs’ office equipment, thus forcing ASMs to pay for these items out of pocket, or by using their Professional Development and Travel Expense Reimbursement (PDTER) funds instead.

As the result of the settlement of an Association (policy) Grievance on the matter, MUNFA has been reassured in a letter from the Associate Vice-President (Academic)that should an ASM have a non-functioning computer in their workplace, or not have access to a secure, networked printer suitable for printing confidential documents at any time, or any day of the week in their workplace, the MUN administration will replace the necessary items on an as needed basis at no cost to the ASM, and without using the ASM’s PDTER funds.

ASMs with questions or concerns on this matter are encouraged to contact the MUNFA office: munfa@mun.caor 864-8642.