Know Your Rights for Contract Faculty (Teaching Term Appointments and Regular Term Appointments)

A term appointment is an appointment of an ASM to a position with a defined term of no more than thirty-seven (37) months at a time, which does not lead to a consideration for promotion or tenure, except under the conditions described in Clauses 10.0522.04 and 22.19.

A regular term appointment is a term appointment under which the appointee performs the normal duties and responsibilities of an ASM (see Article 3). All regular term appointments for Faculty Members shall be for a minimum of twelve (12) months.

A teaching term appointment is a term appointment under which the appointee’s duties and responsibilities are limited to teaching as defined in Article 3. Such appointments shall not be less than five (5) months or exceed thirty-seven (37) months. Clauses 22.05 and 22.06 outline maximum assignments for teaching term appointments.


When appointed to a term position, the letter of appointment from the University must specify whether the term appointment is a “teaching term” appointment or a “regular term” appointment. If your letter states that the term appointment is to be for twelve (12) months or longer and that it is subject to renewal, you must be informed whether or not the appointment is to be renewed at least three (3) months prior to the expiry of the term. Failure to provide such notice must result in an extension of your appointment for a period equal to the length of the expiring appointment.

As a term appointment, you will be assigned an office (with a telephone and computer) by the beginning of the semester. You will also have access to all relevant support services, including university mail and email services and research support services, within two (2) weeks of signing your contract. These services will remain available to you at least one semester following the end of your term appointment.

As a term appointment, you can’t be excluded from consideration for any tenure-track or permanent appointment at the University.

Term appointees may be converted to a regular term or tenure-track appointment without advertising under the terms of Clause 22.19:

  1. the Provost and Vice-President Academic (or at Grenfell Campus the Vice-President (Grenfell Campus) has approved such a position;
  2. you are in your 3rd year of a term appointment; and
  3. you have consented, in writing, to the conversion, and the Search Committee of your Academic Unit has recommended conversion.


If you hold a term position (i.e. you are the incumbent) and don’t have a documented unsatisfactory record with the University, you must be offered the right of first refusal to extensions or renewals of your term appointment (provided that the reappointment or renewal is recommended by the Search Committee). This right of first refusal for contract extensions or renewals is retained following any approved leaves, or breaks in your employment as a term ASM at the University of no more than twelve (12) months duration.

If the number of incumbent term ASM positions is to be reduced from the number in place in the same semester in the previous Academic Year, all term ASM positions then available shall be advertised and the procedures for filling such positions shall be in accordance with Clause 22.14(a).

For advertised term positions, a Search Committee must first recommend for rehiring any applicants who have previously taught Courses at the University, and meet the criteria as specified in Clause 22.13. In cases where applicants have equal experience, the term position must be offered to the candidate who is most qualified for the position.  In cases where two or more candidates are equally qualified, the promotion of equity and diversity takes precedence.


Basic annual salaries for ASMs holding regular term and teaching term appointments are calculated according to the factors in Clause 31.06. Basic annual salaries for Librarians holding term appointments are calculated according to the factors in Clause 31.07.

ASMs with teaching term appointments shall be paid the greater of either: a) the salary corresponding to the appropriate step on the Lecturer salary scale (Appendix D.1) for the period of the contract; or b) the rate used for extra teaching payment (see Clause 31.27) for each course taught plus an extra $1,000 for each laboratory section for Laboratory Courses (or equivalent in accordance with Article 3).



Participation in the University’s pension plan is mandatory if you have been appointed for a period of six (6) months or greater and work at least twenty (20) hours per week.

If you are on a contract of less than six (6) months (and not already in receipt of a pension) you may have an amount equivalent to 5% of your bi-weekly salary added to each bi-weekly salary payment. This must be requested in writing to the Administrative Head.

Group Health Insurance Plan:

If your initial appointment is for a period of six (6) months duration or greater (and at least twenty (20) hours per week) you are automatically covered by the University’s Group Health Insurance Plan from the first day of active employment.

For more information on the University’s Pension and Employment Benefits, click here.

Professional Development:

The University provides Professional Development and Travel Expense Reimbursement (PDTER) for regular term appointments for expenses up to $1800 per fiscal year (April 1 – March 31). See Clause 31.34 for qualifying expenditures.

The University provides an annual Professional Development and Travel Fund (PDTF) of $1800 for each ASM appointed to a teaching term of a minimum term of twelve (12) months. See Clause 31.43 for qualifying expenditures. When a contract spans more than one (1) fiscal year (April 1-March 31), the PDTF is prorated for the duration of the ASM’s appointment in each fiscal year.

Credit Courses:

You may register for or audit one (1) course at the University during each semester. Financial assistance is limited to the cost of University tuition fees for the course.



You are entitled to twenty-five (25) days vacation leave in each Academic Year. After 10 years of service, you are entitled to thirty (30) days of vacation in each Academic Year. If you are on a contract of less than one (1) year, your vacation entitlement is calculated on a prorata basis.

If you are a teaching term appointee with an appointment that is twelve (12) months or less and are assigned teaching as defined in Clause 22.06, you are entitled to receive pay in lieu of vacation leave where there is insufficient time between the last day prescribed by the Registrar’s Office to submit marks for your final exams and the end of the semester for you to exhaust vacation leave.

For teaching term appointments that exceed twelve (12) months, teaching shall only be assigned in either the Intersession or Summer session (teaching shall not be assigned in the Spring semester).

Sabbatical Leave:

Only ASMs holding tenure-track or tenured appointments are eligible to apply for sabbatical leaves. If, in the future, you are appointed to a tenure track appointment at Memorial, your prior service in a term appointment held at Memorial counts as eligible service for sabbatical entitlements (see Clause 21.20).

Librarians holding regular term appointments are eligible for support for professional development on full salary to pursue approved research projects or professional development opportunities without distraction. Librarians holding regular term appointments are eligible for this support when they have accumulated more than two (2) years of service over a period not exceeding five (5) years. For more information, see Clause 4.12.

Supplemented Pregnancy/Birthing/Maternity or Supplemented Parental Leave

In order to be eligible for supplemented maternity and/or supplemented parental leave (see Clauses 21.56-21.65), you must be in the second or subsequent year of a term appointment, or in the second or subsequent year of consecutive term appointments.